Nov 4, 2009


Alright Pics blow. Steven is going to get some good ones. I hope.
Tyler, the owner, is all shits and grins. I tried to buy it back after my first test ride but he was havin none of that. But, I really wanted to keep it, I would have put a kicker on it if it was mine. I think I'm going to build one for myself this winter.
It's here for it's first service and shake down.
Runs strong and it is light and nibble for what it is.
So now it's done and I can get back to building my 88" for my FXR. I decide to do a hot rod 88". So i'm going to start tweekin on some new S&S heads I got and I gotta get the bottom end done. Probably gotta take a trip up to see Rick at Dirtyrat ( he's got the bottom end tools so I can put together a bulletproof set of wheels. More on that later gotta lot of machine work in my future and I'll end up with a stump pullin 88".

Oct 5, 2009

Pullin Wire

So almost all is back from paint & powder coat. The boys at Specialty Finishes did another kick ass job. The frame is Anodized aluminum, there is a ton of gloss & flat black to mix it up. Dan Worth's liquid red kicks ass up agains the silver. Few little parts are hosing me so I'm pulling wire, getting the single fire igition wired and all the switches in place. Seat will be here today. Can't wait to be done with this damn thing so I can get back on my FXR the best bike Harley EVER MADE and the only one to have if you can only have one.
Well I'm sure no one is watching, that's my MO another rock solid stump jumper that no one will ever see. Just like I like it.

Sep 30, 2009

Well He's no Pastel but.........

Alright so I'm all about local support. So you can get it cheaper online, or there is some 'Master Builder' of whatever in sum ultra hip area that does the best work for 200 times the cost of reality. Well if your into name brand for the sake of name brands go for it, some people like getting it snapped off in there ass by some overrated LA TV star.

Enter Scott Willis. Good friend for 15 years, lead singer of The Utah County Swillers, and leather man extraordinaire. He makes bitchin wallets, belts, and now scooter saddles. This one is mine I made the pan and handed off to him. Could I have covered it? Yeh, Do I have time, tools, I fix, build and sell bike parts. NO leather in my blood but it's in Scotts. 4 day turn and I got a bitch handtooled saddle by a great American man with a American name living in America doing American things.

He's doin the one for the little chop below and he was going to do Steveo's but Steveie has way too much time on his hands and did it himself rather than trying to make money takin pictures he sat on his porch with a smoke and did it himself.

Sure there is a cheaper boy in china, some guy outta state with a French name or you can support a local guy with talent who will turn around and spend his dollars you give him here in Utah, USA.

So if you want a bitchin wallet, belt or seat give Scott a buzz. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sep 25, 2009


Well it showed today. Mr. Dan Worth of Worth Customs hand delivered it. Which was very cool. I have built a ton of bikes and the one thing that is always a hassle is paint. It always takes way longer than it should and there is usually issues, swirls, fisheyes, orange peal...some bullshit somewhere to make it take even longer to get perfect.

Not this time. Like a 8 day turn around. Smooth, super polished you could swim in it. Very happy with Dan.

My pics blow and don;t do it justice. the racing strip disappears in the right light it's very subtle. I'm sure when Stevo snaps a shot or 2 you will get a better idea.

Sep 23, 2009

Blag wagon

So I'm not into this blag thing. I work a lot and this is not the way i like to spend my micro seconds of freetime. I will try to post regularly. Steven , if you guys know him, started this thing and as usual got it goin and then..well as you can see the last post was like june.

So here we go.

I started this build about 6 weeks ago. Too busy in the shop movin parts and finally had to get to this thing. Made a bunch of shit oil bag/lines, exhaust, seat and shaved a bunch of shit, narrowed and flatbottmed the tank and it's all off to paint. Here are a few picks. I am no photographer but here are a few mock ups.
I'll post painted pics soon I'll get paint back tues. and it'll be on the road friday.
Also my non LA based leather man Scott Willis of the Utah County Swillers covered my seat pan for my FXR and it's bitchin. I'll get pics of it on soon. He's also doin the one for this scoot too. Killer local work.

Jun 26, 2009


We're here for your old scoots salvation!
Hot on the heels of last week's semi-successful-despite-being-totally-rained-out liquidation sale, we're doin' it again!  Parking lot sale, tomorrow, Saturday the 27th!
No more excuses on that cafe racer you've been putting off forever... get down here and get what you need --- 554 SOUTH COMMERCE ROAD in OREM.  Snag the map on the next post down!

Jun 20, 2009

Mega Sale... Saturday.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th.  Late notice for the blog, but Sean never emailed me a flier, so fuck him. 
Get down here anyway... buy some shit.  We need more space, so we're blowin' shit out.  It's a goddamn liquidation, son!
We got shit, we got shit, we got shit.  You need shit, so buy our shit.
We're at 554 S. Commerce Rd in Orem, halfway between I-15 and Geneva Road... it's really not that hard to find.

Jun 11, 2009


Random Ass Part Of The Week:

Yesterday, Sean and I headed over to the second warehouse for a minute, where Sean showed me this beauty that he'd stumbled across.
Will wonders never cease?
If you're runnin' a late 70's XS650, now's your chance to snap up that last piece that lets the world know just how much you love being an adult who wastes their time reading "literature" and watching movies developed to entertain 6 year olds... snap it up.

May 31, 2009

New Shop Race Team?

A week or so back, I bought my girl a new (used) scoot.  She always bugged me for a vintage cafe, but I own Harley's.  Which means, all my free time gets used up keepin' those shitty bastards on the road.  Which equals absolutely zero time to build her a vintage cafe...
Enter the new (used) Ninja 250.  Picked it up for uber-cheap, it stops on a dime, and I have zero fear of her loopin' it over on herself, since it has about as much torque as your grandpa's golf cart.  But somehow Sean can still stand it up... my wheelie technique really sucks, cause I can only get the front wheel to lift and skim... none of Sean's up-and-ride-it style.  Whatever... I'll keep practicing.
I think we've decided that we both need to own one of these for ourselves.  They're actually pretty fun, since they don't weigh shit, they handle pretty decent, and it'll actually do 95mph on the freeway.  I may be too old to race for real, but I'd love to get this thing out and see what it'd do on the track... not quite as scary as runnin' superbike.

May 25, 2009

Out The Door.

Another late Friday night with another case of Modello Especial, and Jac is out the door with his 02 Sporty.  
New S&S Super E, new Thunderheader, new seat, new bars, new Pirelli's, and a little de-clusterfucking of the previous owner's "modifications".  More to come on this one, but it already feels exactly 137.5% better than when he brought it in.

Old school?

How's finding your parts and manuals on microfiche... authentic enough for you?  Cuff those jeans a little crisper, son.

Apr 29, 2009

Takin' it outside.

Our buddy Wes rolled by with a twelver, needed to make a few tweaks on his softtail.  Unfortunately, there's too many damn projects inside this week and we're out of lift space for the moment.  So we improvised.

Shaving Sean's legs.

Shaving Sean's legs is not quite as dirty-sexy as it sounds.  We're shaving his trees, too... try and make that one sound dirty.  The FXR is gettin' some love.

Mar 30, 2009

Research and Development.

For some time now we've tossed around the idea of building some low-dollar chops out of the XS650's we've got kickin' around the yard.  But, being Harley snobs for the most part, Sean and I didn't know if they were capable of producing enough of the "fun" factor to be worth the effort.
So we researched the issue.
1/2 a beer and the better part of a tire later, we've decided they might actually be worth it.
We do it all for science.

Keep your eyeballs peeled for more.


Made some good progress on the projects this weekend...
My Sporty's gettin' so close I can taste it, and Sean's FXR finally has some direction --- should be terrorizing again soon, after an almost 8 year hiatus.  
Goons of Doom will be rollin' again soon...

Mar 18, 2009

What we got.

The yard... hundreds of scoots to pull from.

* * * * * * * * * *

Salvage parts.  Two warehouses full of this stuff.  Tanks, seats, shocks, electrical, wheels, front ends, frames, complete motors... whatever you need, we probably have it.

* * * * * * * * * *

New and NOS parts.  We have tons of NOS parts/accessories in stock.  We keep some new product around, but if we don't have it in, we can most likely get it for you

* * * * * * * * * *

The Shop.  This is Grim Metal Worx.  This is the shop side of the warehouse, and this is where we build and wrench on the shit that we ride.  If you talk us into building something for you (i.e., if you pay us), this is where it'll happen.  This is also a great place to drink beer, if you're invited.

Mar 11, 2009

Inline 4's are heavy.

So Sean cheats when he's pulling 'em... work smarter, not harder.  Or something like that.

Baby steps.

Busy week, but not on the exciting projects...
Sean and I made a little progress on my narrowed tank, though.  We got the petcock dumped out and tacked up, and I'm makin' a little headway on salvaging my trashed PM hand controls, so...

Mar 4, 2009

Bike night, week 3, version 2.1 vol. 2.

Bike night went down twice this week... craziness.
Monday was mostly bitching about bailouts, but on Tuesday we actually got some shit done.  Although I didn't photograph any progress.  Luckily Jac rolled by and popped a few with my new 5D MKII.  And he brought hamburgers.  Thanks, Jac.

Sean and I had to debate wether my original tank would look better as a narrowed 1 piece tank or a 2 piece, flatside number.  The latter wins... more on that soon.

Checking flat-inity (technical term) so we can get the flat-sides cut...

Russian Nesting Tanks.  Very rare.

And, even more rare, the Narrowed Sportster Dung Beetle.  Watch out for these bastards.


And, as for things that actually got done and not photographed?  Fuck it... nobody reads anyway.  We'll just have to get some photos up at some point, right?

Feb 26, 2009

State of the Onion.

There's exciting shit goin' down, but I haven't slept much, and my enthusiasm is severely lacking at the moment.
So here's the haps, delivered as dry and free-of-flair as I can muster;

- Sean's got the new inventory software, and he's keepin' steady pace at gettin' the salvage inventory up... if you need parts right now, your best bet is to contact him via email for a while... he's been locking the doors to keep the lurkers out --- no time to waste when you're makin' shit happen.  Need a CDI box for some obscure mid-80's Japanese pile of shit that you're restoring for your girlfriends brother?  We've probably got it.

- Grim Cycle Salvage T's are on the way --- I'll have 'em laid out and to the printer by Monday.  You wanna get into these... the new Grim Cycle Salvage logo is fucking sick, brought to you by our favorite designer/genius/user-of-fancy-words, Jory Dayne Hemmelgarn.

- Grim should officially be a dealer for a few new brands within the next week or so... let us know what new shit you need.  We'll get it.  And then we'll take your money.  Remember, we're more than another stinky junkyard - we're also fucking awesome.

* * * * * * * * * * *

And, with all that said, we've got another Bike Night under the belt... here comes The Boring Report on this one;

I can't show too much from Sean's Super Mega Secret Bobber project... but he did make some headway on splittin' my old 3 gallon Sporty tank.  Recycling at it's finest... damn thing's been kickin' around for at least 6 years or so now.  I'm amazed it's not dented to shit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And on the other side of the shop, I spent my time drinkin' Red Stripe and tap-tap-tappin' out the lumps on my narrowed 2 gallon project.  She's gettin' close.

Once I got 'er tapped out, Sean laid down some tacks to hold my shit together...

...and sometime around 2am we got the flat base tacked on, too.  I love that totally flat base...

So Sean's goin' AWOL for the weekend.  Somethin' about driving to Madagascar to pick up a foot stool.  Seems worthless to me, but what do I know.  We'll see ya' Monday, fuckers.  And buck the fuck up, campers.

Feb 17, 2009

The Return of Bike Night.

So bike night is once again underway.
For a while there it was pretty much dead.  Everybody was too busy tryin' to feed their families.
But the families are fed for a minute.
So the bikes that matter are finally back on the lifts.
Last night's episode saw my narrowed Sporty tank project makin' a little headway, and Sean's super top-secret oil bag mounts milked a little attention, too...
More to come.
Bookmark the blog --- this shit's way easier to update than a real site.

Out the fuckin' gates.

Yeah, another fuckin' blog.
This one will be about Grim Metal Worx/Grim Cycle Salvage.  
We're Utah's largest motorcycle salvage yard, we sell used, new, Japanese and American.
And we build the coolest motorcycles you've never heard of.  But you'll probably never own one, for two reasons:
A) You probably don't want to pay us.
B) We pretty much only build our own shit, because customers are a pain in the ass.
You won't find us on the Discovery Channel, and we don't have our own pro-model shoes.
Bookmark us.
Check back sometimes... maybe we'll actually update this shit.