Sep 23, 2009

Blag wagon

So I'm not into this blag thing. I work a lot and this is not the way i like to spend my micro seconds of freetime. I will try to post regularly. Steven , if you guys know him, started this thing and as usual got it goin and then..well as you can see the last post was like june.

So here we go.

I started this build about 6 weeks ago. Too busy in the shop movin parts and finally had to get to this thing. Made a bunch of shit oil bag/lines, exhaust, seat and shaved a bunch of shit, narrowed and flatbottmed the tank and it's all off to paint. Here are a few picks. I am no photographer but here are a few mock ups.
I'll post painted pics soon I'll get paint back tues. and it'll be on the road friday.
Also my non LA based leather man Scott Willis of the Utah County Swillers covered my seat pan for my FXR and it's bitchin. I'll get pics of it on soon. He's also doin the one for this scoot too. Killer local work.

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Stone said...

Did it hurt? I'm proud of you... I can't be your biggest cheerleader forever. My ass is starting to sag, anyway.