Oct 5, 2009

Pullin Wire

So almost all is back from paint & powder coat. The boys at Specialty Finishes http://specialtyfinishes.net/ did another kick ass job. The frame is Anodized aluminum, there is a ton of gloss & flat black to mix it up. Dan Worth's http://www.worthcustoms.com/ liquid red kicks ass up agains the silver. Few little parts are hosing me so I'm pulling wire, getting the single fire igition wired and all the switches in place. Seat will be here today. Can't wait to be done with this damn thing so I can get back on my FXR the best bike Harley EVER MADE and the only one to have if you can only have one.
Well I'm sure no one is watching, that's my MO another rock solid stump jumper that no one will ever see. Just like I like it.