May 31, 2009

New Shop Race Team?

A week or so back, I bought my girl a new (used) scoot.  She always bugged me for a vintage cafe, but I own Harley's.  Which means, all my free time gets used up keepin' those shitty bastards on the road.  Which equals absolutely zero time to build her a vintage cafe...
Enter the new (used) Ninja 250.  Picked it up for uber-cheap, it stops on a dime, and I have zero fear of her loopin' it over on herself, since it has about as much torque as your grandpa's golf cart.  But somehow Sean can still stand it up... my wheelie technique really sucks, cause I can only get the front wheel to lift and skim... none of Sean's up-and-ride-it style.  Whatever... I'll keep practicing.
I think we've decided that we both need to own one of these for ourselves.  They're actually pretty fun, since they don't weigh shit, they handle pretty decent, and it'll actually do 95mph on the freeway.  I may be too old to race for real, but I'd love to get this thing out and see what it'd do on the track... not quite as scary as runnin' superbike.

May 25, 2009

Out The Door.

Another late Friday night with another case of Modello Especial, and Jac is out the door with his 02 Sporty.  
New S&S Super E, new Thunderheader, new seat, new bars, new Pirelli's, and a little de-clusterfucking of the previous owner's "modifications".  More to come on this one, but it already feels exactly 137.5% better than when he brought it in.

Old school?

How's finding your parts and manuals on microfiche... authentic enough for you?  Cuff those jeans a little crisper, son.