Sep 30, 2009

Well He's no Pastel but.........

Alright so I'm all about local support. So you can get it cheaper online, or there is some 'Master Builder' of whatever in sum ultra hip area that does the best work for 200 times the cost of reality. Well if your into name brand for the sake of name brands go for it, some people like getting it snapped off in there ass by some overrated LA TV star.

Enter Scott Willis. Good friend for 15 years, lead singer of The Utah County Swillers, and leather man extraordinaire. He makes bitchin wallets, belts, and now scooter saddles. This one is mine I made the pan and handed off to him. Could I have covered it? Yeh, Do I have time, tools, I fix, build and sell bike parts. NO leather in my blood but it's in Scotts. 4 day turn and I got a bitch handtooled saddle by a great American man with a American name living in America doing American things.

He's doin the one for the little chop below and he was going to do Steveo's but Steveie has way too much time on his hands and did it himself rather than trying to make money takin pictures he sat on his porch with a smoke and did it himself.

Sure there is a cheaper boy in china, some guy outta state with a French name or you can support a local guy with talent who will turn around and spend his dollars you give him here in Utah, USA.

So if you want a bitchin wallet, belt or seat give Scott a buzz. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Stone said...

Talk all the shit you want/can... Pascal's leather fuckin' rules. If you actually rode a motorcycle, you'd have been there to know this fact to be true... (umm, zing?)

Sean said...

Funny Guy ZX250 man+ I'm a master shit talker