Sep 25, 2009


Well it showed today. Mr. Dan Worth of Worth Customs hand delivered it. Which was very cool. I have built a ton of bikes and the one thing that is always a hassle is paint. It always takes way longer than it should and there is usually issues, swirls, fisheyes, orange peal...some bullshit somewhere to make it take even longer to get perfect.

Not this time. Like a 8 day turn around. Smooth, super polished you could swim in it. Very happy with Dan.

My pics blow and don;t do it justice. the racing strip disappears in the right light it's very subtle. I'm sure when Stevo snaps a shot or 2 you will get a better idea.


Stone said...


TRJJ said...

yeah that dude did my springer tank. Super good work. Super expensive to, it still hurts!

Sean said...

the lack of stress was way worth the money. Seroiusly the easiest paiting transaction ever. Value is not always in the dollar.