Jan 31, 2012

Patient, Patience, Pain

FYI customers and friends...Sean broke an already pretty messed up arm on Sunday. We are trying to find an Orthopedic Surgeon to perform the surgery to remove the old plate and put a new one in to fix the break in the Ulna. Unfortunately, because we are self employed, hard working American citizens without ultra expensive insurance, we are running out of options. A lot of the surgeons we've talked to require "self-pay" patients to pay 1/2 down in order to get the surgery performed (that is about $9,000). If you don't have the $9,000....too bad and hope the arm doesn't fall off! We might have found a surgeon that will do the surgery and bill us later, but we are still waiting to hear.

Cat will be in and out of the shop trying to get product shipped for orders and we will be calling customers who have bikes in the shop and let you know time frames on when they will be done. Please be patient with us during this unfortunate time. Thanks!

Jan 30, 2012

Good day turned bad

Great weekend snowboarding with the family. Then I hit a tree with my bad elbow. The tree won.
We will be closed thru the week and back to normal on Monday.

Jan 24, 2012

Camp Insensitive


Rouser sets up cam for a few months in Vail, CO to ride some single tracks. Being a big fan of single tracks I loaded up my dirt bike and left after work on a Friday to go check it out. Arriving late Friday night and driving for like 15 miles up the side of a mountain in the pitch black I found camp Rouser. Next morning we had a killer ride, little bushwackin and some good eats. Packed up and blasted home Sunday. Looking forward to this year.

Jan 10, 2012

Old news

BF3 was a crazy 4 day blitz. Hooked with Bolts and co. On the first day, lots o break downs, late night river dump at camp1, hotter than hell ride thru Barstow, camp at the truck stop, and the much needed jump in the lake before the last 300 mile push. Good times.

Jan 5, 2012

Charlie Horse II - Featuring our Super 7's Handlebar

Charlie Horse II featuring our American made Super 7's handlebar. These bars are tig welded in fixtures using .095 DOM mild steel tubing. You can get an optional BMX bar, dimples or drilled for wiring. Get them HERE.
We also trimmed the cam cover down, put in an NRHS 1250cc kit, adjustable push rods, ported and polished heads, Andrews N4 cams and a single fire ignition.
Bobber Handlebars
Grim Cycle Salvage - Orem Utah
Custom Bobber
Custom Chopper Handlebars

Jan 4, 2012

Blog Refire

Last year kicked ass. Ton of trips, ton of miles, and new friends. I stopped posting right when it started. I decided to crack this blog back open and start anew. I don't do new years resolutions but I am going to try to be on the blog post. I figured it fitting to start where the last post ended.