Feb 26, 2009

State of the Onion.

There's exciting shit goin' down, but I haven't slept much, and my enthusiasm is severely lacking at the moment.
So here's the haps, delivered as dry and free-of-flair as I can muster;

- Sean's got the new inventory software, and he's keepin' steady pace at gettin' the salvage inventory up... if you need parts right now, your best bet is to contact him via email for a while... he's been locking the doors to keep the lurkers out --- no time to waste when you're makin' shit happen.  Need a CDI box for some obscure mid-80's Japanese pile of shit that you're restoring for your girlfriends brother?  We've probably got it.

- Grim Cycle Salvage T's are on the way --- I'll have 'em laid out and to the printer by Monday.  You wanna get into these... the new Grim Cycle Salvage logo is fucking sick, brought to you by our favorite designer/genius/user-of-fancy-words, Jory Dayne Hemmelgarn.

- Grim should officially be a dealer for a few new brands within the next week or so... let us know what new shit you need.  We'll get it.  And then we'll take your money.  Remember, we're more than another stinky junkyard - we're also fucking awesome.

* * * * * * * * * * *

And, with all that said, we've got another Bike Night under the belt... here comes The Boring Report on this one;

I can't show too much from Sean's Super Mega Secret Bobber project... but he did make some headway on splittin' my old 3 gallon Sporty tank.  Recycling at it's finest... damn thing's been kickin' around for at least 6 years or so now.  I'm amazed it's not dented to shit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And on the other side of the shop, I spent my time drinkin' Red Stripe and tap-tap-tappin' out the lumps on my narrowed 2 gallon project.  She's gettin' close.

Once I got 'er tapped out, Sean laid down some tacks to hold my shit together...

...and sometime around 2am we got the flat base tacked on, too.  I love that totally flat base...

So Sean's goin' AWOL for the weekend.  Somethin' about driving to Madagascar to pick up a foot stool.  Seems worthless to me, but what do I know.  We'll see ya' Monday, fuckers.  And buck the fuck up, campers.

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