Jul 30, 2010

Satan is in the details...or something like that

Fresh set of valve guide seals, little valve clean up, and it has a top end. I might put a few more things on tonight but my FXR needs some love so....

Jul 29, 2010

Just the new beginning for a old little scooter....

Top End will Be locked down tonight. I got caught up on payin' jobs.
If your curious about the difference between 883 to 1200 ask Steven or Jeremy or anyone else who's done it.....there is no comparison.

Jul 28, 2010


So I haven't made a set of these in 7-8 years.....the bars that is. A customer in Austraila came across this pic of a Classic Sporty with our Impaler bars on it. He had to have a set....so I dusted off the jig and whipped up a set for him. Limited edition of 1....well plus the other 100's we made. Google Grim Metal Worx and you'll find some classics out there.....or don't. Proper

Jul 27, 2010

Come Sweat Your ASS off


Were givin away a set of Bars cause it's all I got to give. Well, that and a few smart ass comments. Should be a good time.

Jul 19, 2010

The Archives

So I went thru and called a handfull of old customers whom I built some choppers, bobbers, customs, whatever the hell you want to call'em. Furthest back I could locate was 1998. Funny how shit's changed in the last 10-15 years, much less the last 40/50.
Anyway, Stevo came over to get some Pro shots of things gone by for the new website. My old friend Brian showed up with his bike and gave a much needed hand. My pics blow. Thanks for lookin.

Jul 16, 2010

Wings and Beer in Utah County!?!?!

For those of you who don't live in Utah this seems normal. Nothing exciting here. Well if you live here you'll see that this is off. Finally a place that can cook wings and has Murphy's on tap.
Steven was feelin blue. So we went for a ride, ate wings and drank wonderful beer.
His mood is better. Choppers and beer.......the only thing that could have made it any better would have been boobies....

End Play

Clean little 80" I'm building. Static balanced fly wheels, Good cam, oil pump, reed breather, 10:1 Weisco's, couple other goodies.....

Oh yeh and wait till you see our new bitchin' interweb store....can't wait, it actually is comin' soon.

Jul 14, 2010

If you need anything in your bottom end reamed come see me.

The slowly becoming lost art of complete rebuilding Evo and earlier engines is still not lost. If you need flywheels balanced, rebuilt and trued. Bushings reamed, cylinders bored. We got you covered. Knuckle to Evolution and Twin cams.....yeh Sporty's too. OR you could buy 5 grand in tooling and watch a you tube video.

Jul 7, 2010

Another late night bar session

7:00 got customers out the door 2nd shift begins. Got a lot o' bars to make tonight. Thanks for the orders. We will be makin' 6" and 4" tall too ( half done on the table).
We'll have a few new designs comin out over the next 30-45 days too so keep posted.
Oh and if anyone needs pro shots like these you see here, get in line. My photo shoot schedule is booked thru the summer. Sorry about your bad luck.

Jul 3, 2010


Well I wasn't going to do it. I got tired of 'borrowing' a friends tire machine and balancer. So to better serve our loyal customers and expedite our tire service we got a Bitchin, Blue, State O' the Art pneumatic tire machine and spin balancer. Big enough to do the giant 330 tires too.
So with that said. 20 % off all tires thru the month of JULY!!!!!