Nov 4, 2009


Alright Pics blow. Steven is going to get some good ones. I hope.
Tyler, the owner, is all shits and grins. I tried to buy it back after my first test ride but he was havin none of that. But, I really wanted to keep it, I would have put a kicker on it if it was mine. I think I'm going to build one for myself this winter.
It's here for it's first service and shake down.
Runs strong and it is light and nibble for what it is.
So now it's done and I can get back to building my 88" for my FXR. I decide to do a hot rod 88". So i'm going to start tweekin on some new S&S heads I got and I gotta get the bottom end done. Probably gotta take a trip up to see Rick at Dirtyrat ( he's got the bottom end tools so I can put together a bulletproof set of wheels. More on that later gotta lot of machine work in my future and I'll end up with a stump pullin 88".