Mar 4, 2009

Bike night, week 3, version 2.1 vol. 2.

Bike night went down twice this week... craziness.
Monday was mostly bitching about bailouts, but on Tuesday we actually got some shit done.  Although I didn't photograph any progress.  Luckily Jac rolled by and popped a few with my new 5D MKII.  And he brought hamburgers.  Thanks, Jac.

Sean and I had to debate wether my original tank would look better as a narrowed 1 piece tank or a 2 piece, flatside number.  The latter wins... more on that soon.

Checking flat-inity (technical term) so we can get the flat-sides cut...

Russian Nesting Tanks.  Very rare.

And, even more rare, the Narrowed Sportster Dung Beetle.  Watch out for these bastards.


And, as for things that actually got done and not photographed?  Fuck it... nobody reads anyway.  We'll just have to get some photos up at some point, right?

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