Feb 23, 2010

Shipping Motorcycle Parts

So I spent the whole day shippin motorcycle parts....that's not fun, cool, or glamorous. But that is daily life here at the bike shop.
This is cool however. There is only 1 or 2 real BBQ places here in Utah, maybe. I'm from Georgia where there is a kick ass BBQ joint every 10 feet, kinda like Mormon churches here. Anyway, so I make all my own BBQ and I only use my gigantic bro's BBQ sauce. BIG MOUTH BARBECUE SAUCE made with pure love. It's the best thing to pamper your meat with.
It's 10 bucks a jar. Complain about the price and I'll punch you in the throat. Put this on your shit this summer and people will think you can cook. Get it from us or get it from him.....just get it.

Feb 19, 2010


Lately it's rare that it is snowing here in the captiol of the 'greatest snow on earth'.
And today it is coming down ...

So I'm blowing off all motorcycle shop resposibilites and going boardin'.

Sorry valued customers I will ship your bike parts tomorrow.......

Feb 18, 2010

XS650 anti hardtail

SO I guess people check this BLAG out. I will try to keep new shit on here.
This is my tile guy's project. Little xs650 we are keepin the swingarm and using some progressives. Roy's doin most of the work I'm just throwin in my 2 cents when he asks.
It's a slow go project but we should have it up this summer.
I'll keep ya posted........please expect nothin but shitty pictures cause I am no photographer like my pickle chasin friend Stone.

Feb 16, 2010

Late nite bars

So Rick over at Dirty Rat needed a set of shorty's. Not much free time to make new shit but what are friends for. Nothin fancy just bars. Now I can weld my gas cap in my tank.