Jun 25, 2010

Jun 23, 2010

Dirty Rat Party - not for the feint of heart

So my long time friend Rick is havin his 3rd annual Dirty RAT parking lot party. Always a good time, guaranteed hangover and maybe a little vomit. If you think you might have a chance come try and keep up with the big boys......

the brown bat

For those of you who know Steven's cute little sporty has been dead for some time now. Due to more reasons than I have time for explaining it has been on the back burner. Now it's on the lift and the progress will be directly proportionate to the activity and development of our new ultra badass web site......stay loosely tuned......

Jun 3, 2010

If you got money this is what you should buy

8:00 pm, Clean case, new DD6 will hold up nice behind the 110 + H.P. from the S&S 111

Jun 2, 2010

NO replacement for Displacement

Well I'm not a giant Twin Cam fan. Any Harley mechanic I know who has any experience from 2000 back isn't either. I also don't like fuel injection very much either. Not cause it doesn't work. But because I can't tune your bike without a Dyno. I can tune the shit outta your bike with a Dyno but I'm self funded and 40K for the dyno isn't happing right now.....In the future but not now. So a customer of mine comes to me with a 103", HD built, blown up TC.
Enter S&S 111 TC fuel injection. S&S Has fixed all the issues with the Twin cam i.e. gear drive cams, timken bearings, better oil pump, stronger support plate, Hi-Flow heads and it's a beauty of a motor. If you got a Twin cam and it's blown up this is the fix.
So this is the begining of this project. It's also getting a Direct drive Baker 6 speed. Another bomb proof upgrade. I'll do my best to post so you can check out the progress.