Feb 2, 2012

Broken Bone Update

A little update on what's going on with Sean's broken arm:

We still don't have a definite date for surgery but we hope to have a date set tomorrow and get Sean fixed up and back to work as soon as possible. We will update when we have a date for the new hardware to go in!

We have sincerely appreciated the well wishes and offers of help from our family and friends. We have had dinners brought to us, fellow mechanics and machinists who are planning on coming to the shop to help finish up some projects that need to get to customers, and offers of financial help. It is really touching that in this difficult time for us so many of you have reached out to us. We are truly blessed. This has been especially moving to Sean who is fiercely independent and can hardly even ask me to open a freaking package of chocolates for him cause he thinks he can just do it himself with one hand (which is actually kind of funny to watch)!

Against Sean's sense of independence and pride, I have opened both a Paypal account and a bank account at Mountain America Credit Union for those of you who have expressed your desire to help financially with this surgery. If you feel compelled to donate, the Paypal account is under my email at "cathymjordan@yahoo.com". To donate through the MACU account, you can go to any branch or call 1-800-748-4302 (press 0 for a live person) and ask to deposit to the donation account "Sean Jordan Surgery Fund". If you specifically say "donation account" they should waive the fee for the deposit. Again, we appreciate all your prayers and well wishes and hopefully Sean will be back at what he does best as soon as possible!


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