Feb 11, 2012

BLUEBERRIES...Who would've thought

Well, due to some complications coming out of anesthesia, Sean didn't get to leave the hospital till almost 5 hours after surgery! Problems with nausea and breathing. Once that was under control, I was able to take him home. Yesterday was rough...a really fun combination of trying to eat then puking it right back up. Couldn't keep pain meds down so the pain was really bad yesterday. His arm is so swollen it looks like a giant sausage about to burst it's casing!
Today is a bit better. He's able to keep some food down (blueberries, mostly) and the pain meds are staying in his system so that's better under control. The nausea is also getting better. Hopefully he'll feel more human on Monday and want to come to the shop for a little bit. We will keep you all posted!

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