Dec 9, 2010

Rounkle's Report

For all you Sporty guys out there on 883. First can I ask why? Second check out the difference in heads and barrels. Anyone doubting if this upgrade is worth it, or will i notice, or any other question pertaining to the worthyness of this upgrade. These pics speak for themselves. Don't wait do it. And while your at it get cams, single fire ign, and a S&S too.

One on the left is the 883. To be fair the right one is a Buell head. Notice larger combustion chamber. Valves are a lot bigger.
well this one is obvious.


Tony said...

883 vs 1200?! fack! i think i need to get my ass in gear for an upgrade!!

Gerald said...

Hell yeah go big so you can get home.

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

HAAHAHAH this shit is funny! Im all for this but there is a bunch of dudes that cant keep up with me know! Just wait until we do this shit!