Dec 20, 2010

FXR Nazi

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The Dyna


Let me clear things up. FXR's are not Dyna's. The frames are different. The rubber mount system is different, the tranny case is different, the swingarm is different, the primary's are different, they ride different, handle different, look and feel different. FXR and FXD that's different.
Eric Buell helped refine the design of the FXR. If you notice he used the same rubber mount system on all Buells up thru the late 00's. The frame is torsionally stronger than Dynas, it has a shorter primary, and takes horsepower well. I could go on and on about the differences but it'd bore you.
I am biased I admit. However. I don't call your Dog a Cat.....they are different.


CPB said...

I wished you would go on & on!!! A good pros & cons list is art in my opinion. He'll that's what blogs are for. I can't get anyone to sit still and listen to me ramble on about my love for America. But, with posting it in a blog, doods can read it and enjoy my virtual company.

"Lay some treats on me"

Stone said...

How is your donkey doin', anyway? That Taz... sure is a cutie.

Sean said...

yeh not very cleaver but my creative juices dried up. The cat walked in at the right time.....hows your herd of hippos?