Aug 5, 2010

Once upon a time...

So Mr. Jones got me thinkin about Mr. Stone and some old pics. Many moons ago I had started a little bobber project. I had this frame that I hated and I decide to go after it one day. Few little 'idea pics' and a sawsall and grinder later I had the lower carriage on the table and a quick little jig done. Cut out the high ass seat area dropped it a few inches. Goosenecked the front end. And decided to make the ass end outta one piece of tubing. After fucking up about 10 feet of tube I finally got 6 bends to come together without a cut and without a kink....bitchin. Then I put it on the shelf.
Enter my new winter project. I will be keepin you posted one this one. I got some good ideas...not new one's just good ones. As usual it will be seamless, smooth, fast, and clean.

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Brandon Allen said...

me gusta! - love the lines!