Jun 2, 2010

NO replacement for Displacement

Well I'm not a giant Twin Cam fan. Any Harley mechanic I know who has any experience from 2000 back isn't either. I also don't like fuel injection very much either. Not cause it doesn't work. But because I can't tune your bike without a Dyno. I can tune the shit outta your bike with a Dyno but I'm self funded and 40K for the dyno isn't happing right now.....In the future but not now. So a customer of mine comes to me with a 103", HD built, blown up TC.
Enter S&S 111 TC fuel injection. S&S Has fixed all the issues with the Twin cam i.e. gear drive cams, timken bearings, better oil pump, stronger support plate, Hi-Flow heads and it's a beauty of a motor. If you got a Twin cam and it's blown up this is the fix.
So this is the begining of this project. It's also getting a Direct drive Baker 6 speed. Another bomb proof upgrade. I'll do my best to post so you can check out the progress.

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